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We welcome you to the travel world of Rigel Travel Services, a Total Travel Management Company where the highest level of service and customer satisfaction is at the very core of our beliefs & efforts.

Our Mission

Is what drives us to change the way people experience travel to break the boundaries of possibilities and make your experience more memorable. We are here for you always.

In a world of travel agents and Online Travel Services, customers are inclined to choose between the benefits of one or the other. We simplify this by offering you the best of both worlds, all in one. Travel as much as it’s a pleasure is also a pain if not done right. In this world of Travel there are plenty of firsts we ensure you that while it might be yours it would not be ours and we will have your first done right.
Rely on us to make your Travel done seamlessly.

The Advantage

Gain the advantage of friendly professionalism, personalized service

IATA Accredited

Global airline hotels and car rental inventory online for your access and bookings, cost savings by procuring services through preferred suppliers globally.

Fully Equipped and State of The art office.

Self-owned Office with the latest IT Tools solely to support you with around the clock assistance.

Well-qualifed and courteous staff

Experience friendly and professional travel service tailored to your needs. Dedicated account management, cost-effective options, and 35+ years of industry expertise ensure quality and efficiency.

All your Travel Services done under one roof

Streamline your travel experience with our all-in-one Travel Services. From planning to reservations, we've got you covered under one roof for a hassle-free journey

Our Services

Just select where you want to go, we take care of rest


From fun filled family vacation to travel with friends we have it all we select representatives and handling agents across the globe to cater to virtually any holiday and leisure travel plans you might have.

Hotel Reservations

Figuring out a suitable fit will prove difficult but with the vast amount of experience and ongoing research in our arsenal, we guarantee the best for your team.

Airline Reservations

With a wide variety of choices and rates we help you pick the right one that not only is convenient but also affordable.

Itinerary Planning

As trivial this may seem, it could prove to be a complicated procedure. We compile all your plans and requirements aligned from visas, scheduling flights to transferring to hotels, a convenience we provide so you can focus entirely on the reason of your travel, unencumbered.

Car Rentals

The utilization of modern day technology is the only way to ensure a smooth transition into great productivity, part of it is organizing hassle free transport. This is what we do to plan your program right.

Bus & Train reservations Global and Local

With our commitment of having everything travel related under one roof we provide you with just that.

Travel Insurance Policies.

In Times like these getting a Travel Insurance that works is what you need and we are here for you partnering with the best in the business and getting the right product for you is the most important thing for your travellers.

Visa Services

With ever changing scenarios you need a Professional consultant that can get you the right information with the least amount of time to get your Visa’s done.